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Friday, December 9, 2011 | 1:41 AM | 2BubbleTalk(s)
there will be a wedding reception for my sis on the day after tomorrow. heh~ not exactly tomorrow since the moment i write this entry is already 9th December while the event is on 10th December. lol. so, i would like to invite those who haven't been  invited by me via fb/sms yet to come over to my house on that day.

uhhu~ my 2nd sis already belongs to her husband, and guess who will be the next person to get married in my family? oh well, it's supposed to be ME! but i would like to say it out loud here, don't expect much from me. my soulmate  haven't found me yet, so how am i going to get married? hahaha.i actually not even thinking about it yet so i'm kinda annoyed and pissed when people around me keep asking when will i get married and saying that my turn will be next. just shut up and be patient...will ya? =P oh wait~ i still have a single brother! how could i forget about him? shouldn't he is the one who need to get married first and become the target to bombard with all these questions about marriage??? 

this entry is supposed to be a quick one and my main point also is not actually about who will be the next person to get married. 

tbh, i wanna shout that i MISS him. i really do tho i'm still kinda mad at him. how can i not missing him when everybody already gather for the coming event on this 10th Dec and he's the only one who is not here?? i know it's not his intention to be back early for his work. i'm aware that it's for the good sake of him.but why should they suddenly called him and asked him to be back for that interview while he's on holidays untill 14th Dec?? although he wanna go back home after that interview, all of us said that he don't need to because we are pretty understand about his situation and moreover it's just a waste of money. i just WISH he could stay longer at home, so that i can heal the awkwardness between us, i can talk more with him, and be good to him like what i used to be in the past. i miss his old self as much as i miss him right now. 

10th December 2011 would be the first wedding reception at my house with an incomplete family members. how nice and perfect the event is if he's here with us. see u again in your next holiday, bro.

p/s: he is my brother who is still single and i'm not trying to promote him. lol

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